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【 レッスン料 】



デコ巻き寿司は、千葉県の郷⼟料理や江戸の細⼯寿司がルーツのため、伝統的な⽇本料理に触れ合う機会にもなり、外国人の方々に大変人気がございます。また食の体験は、作る楽しみだけでなく、食事がわりにもなるため、団体ツアーにもとてもおすすめです。​10名以上の場合は、Kawaii Cooking の提携スタジオでの開催ではなく、外部のスタジオを使用しますご希望のエリアでの会場アレンジはもちろん、お客様に手配いただきました場所での出張レッスンも可能です。さらには撮影サービス、料理以外の体験レッスンなどもご提案できます


~​​For groups of 10 or more people, we offer a special group plan~

Deco Maki Sushi has its roots in Chiba Prefecture's local cuisine and Edo's handcrafted sushi, so it is also an opportunity to experience traditional Japanese cuisine.It is very popular with foreigners.In addition, the food experience is not only fun to make, but also serves as a meal, so it is highly recommended for group tours.For groups of 10 or more, we will use an outside studio.we will look for your favorite lesson place or it is possible at the place prepared by the customer.We also accept movie services and other than cooking

​※Prices will vary depending on the number of people and the area. Please feel free to contact us.

​デコ巻き寿司 DECO SUSHI


It is arranged in modern style the Japanese traditional rolling thick sushi which comes out a picture when you cut it. How to make is very original and is impressive when you cut it, and a picture came out. There are many types of pictures such a classic sum pattern and characters, including the letter. In addition, people who limited the meal including a vegetarian and the Muslim can also enjoy it because we prepare a lot of patterns not to use the animal ingredients.

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